There’s nothing more exciting for us than sending an initial concept to our clients, we like to do it a little differently though.

Instead of just sending you a link to your concept, we create a presentation of the mockup, breaking it down to give you all the knowledge on why it’s designed like it is. You’ll learn about the user journey, key action points and overall design thoughts with each and every concept.

How it works

Every time we’re asked to design or develop something new, after the initial discussion stage where we learn what the goals are, we go away and get cracking. Working away at a concept that you’ll not only love, but will also meet your requirements and achieve your goals.

01. Discussion stage

The first thing we like to do is schedule a call, this can be a video call or a phone call, it’s up to you.

By scheduling a call it allows us to find out what you’re trying to achieve, and add our knowledge to help it come to life. On this call, we’ll have a back and forth conversation for us to pick your brain, find out what you like and work out how we can achieve the goals you’re trying to set.

Once this call ends, you should leave having a very clear idea of what to expect with the mock-up. We’ll have a page full of notes which we’ll refer to non-stop during the development stages, ensuring we get the right end result for you.

02. Initial concept preview

After our team has reached a point in the mock-up that we’re happy to send it across for an initial review, a new concept item will be created in your DigiConcepts Hub, following up with an email letting you know your concept is ready to be viewed.

In this concept preview you’ll find everything you’d need to know about the concept. Such as, the colours / icons used, the login behind it and add your comments about the concept.

03. Feedback

For us, this is the most important stage. It allows us to know how you feel about the concept, everything you love and those things you would like adjusting.

Should you like any changes done to the concept, simply let us know. It’s your website, so please don’t be shy in requesting any changes, our aim is to make this (and every) concept as perfect for you as possible.


01. Secure Login

DigiRex Blog: DigiConcepts: Your Personal Concept Hub Login

Your concepts are stored on an account that’s only accessible by you. For the first concept, we’ll send you a username and password to access your account. From here you’ll be able to instantly view all your concepts and add your feedback.

Your concepts are built specifically for you, and we intend to keep it this way.

02. Concept archives

DigiRex Blog: DigiConcepts: Your Personal Concept Hub Archives

All of your concepts will be stored here forever, allowing you to look through them all from one place, at any time. See how your brand has grown overtime and the new things your business is looking to represent.

Your concepts will fall into one of the following categories: Digital, Print, Social. Filter by these types to see all of the related concepts and how they reflect each other.

03. Detailed breakdown

DigiRex Blog: DigiConcepts: Your Personal Concept Hub Details

Included in every concept will be a detailed breakdown of important aspects and the logic behind why it’s designed / developed the way it is.

You’ll be able to see:

  • Styles
    The colours and fonts used
  • Key Points
    Why each section is designed that way
  • Extras
    Additional icons / images used
  • Next Steps
    What needs to be done to get this concept launched

Each of these items will be on each concept to show you the thoughts behind it.


This feature allows you to provide your feedback and keep a log of the progress.

We encourage our clients to be as honest as they can. After all, the concept is built for them, we want to make it perfect.

You’ll instantly be notified with an email when our team replies, so we can launch this concept as soon as possible for you.

05. Share

Get additional feedback from people you trust. Whilst you’ll only be allowed to view this concept from your account, you have the option to share this concept with a generated Share Key.

Anyone you send this link to will be able to view the concept without needing to login, allowing you to obtain additional feedback from an outside perspective.

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