Introducing DigiTheme

We’ve working away behind the scenes our our own, bespoke theme, DigiTheme.

In the past, we’ve worked with all sorts of page builders, and found a common consensus that they can be clunky and somewhat confusing to use.

With the ability to customise everything on individual pages, you can end up with a site that doesn’t flow smoothly and have designed pages that doesn’t match your company brand. That’s where DigiTheme can help.

Why did we start this?

We wanted to give content editors the freedom to edit their site without having to worry about unnecessary details, such as layout and design. Avoiding troublesome thoughts like, how would this look on a mobile?

Meaning you’ll be able to jump on the site and add / edit your website’s content, easily and effectively.

When can you expect this?

We’re currently in mid-development stages, but hope to have some our testing stage soon with input from our clients.

This allows us to get suitable feedback from likeminded editors, to see the overall feel of the CMS. Giving us an end product that not only looks good, but works for its intended purpose, to make your life easier as an editor.

Stay tuned…