Landing Pages

Visually engaging pages that get you leads

Looking to get more user interaction? Landing pages are a great way to increase your lead generation by focusing on one aspect of your business at a time.

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High-converting pages with a clear focus

Pages that are designed to engage with the user and get them to perform an action.

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Why would I need a landing page?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Landing Pages are designed to be more engaging with the prospect and get them to do an action.

The page will be a highly converted page with an emphasis on the action you're looking for the prospect to do.

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Sending the page

If you're not hosting with us directly, we'll help you get this page setup on your site as part of the package.

Setup Assistance

We can send you the raw code and assets if you're looking to host the page externally. We'll provide full assistance setting this up on your domain, so you won't have to worry about anything going wrong.

Image Optimisation

We'll run through each image and compress this before they are sent over, ensuring that the page will load as quickly as possible.

File Minification

For each new filetype we use, we will perform minification, removing white-spaces and comments to reduce the filesize.

Browser Tested

Before the page is sent over, we will run our internal checks to ensure that the site works on different browsers and operating systems.

Mobile Responsive

As mobile views are by far the most commom webpage view type, we will ensure this works on all the latest phone models.

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