DigiTheme 2.0

Taking the hassle out of managing your website

After experiencing both good and bad page builders, we decided to develop our own to make your life as an editor as stress-free as possible.

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Easy to edit

By using a simplified visual editor, you can update & create content on your website within seconds.

Anywhere, anytime

Designed and developed to work on mobile devices, allowing you to control your site from your own phone.

Site-wide details

No more searching the site for every location your phone number is shown, control site-wide details in one place.

Instant load times

We've focused heavily on how the site loads with powerful tools and scripts, making every page load instantly.

It's never been easier to manage your site

No more dragging & dropping, worrying about design or making sure everything works. With DigiTheme, everything is taken care of for you, giving you precious time to perfect your content.

DigiRex: DigiRex: DigiTheme WordPress Mobile Editor

Quick load times

By using clever tools and scripts, we've ensured every page loads the quickest it can.

Automatic image sizing

Upload your image at any size, it'll be resized and compressed to stop bloating of the site.

Customisable branding

Make it your own, add your own colours and branding to give it that personal touch.

Easy-to-use mobile editor

Edit your website's content from your phone with our simplified mobile editor.

Bespoke frontend

DigiTheme handles the backend editor, but gives you total freedom on the frontend.

Data loss prevention

If changes are made, a confirmation step is added to keep your changes safe.

Simple, flexible, powerful

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Every aspect considered

The DigiTheme Editor Features

All of our websites use DigiTheme, but still gives us the freedom to meet any client requests.

Text areas

Add your content to defined sections with automatic styling on the frontend. Every page has a H1 tag to keep your website ranking highly.


As you upload assets directly to the page or through the Media Library, they will all be cropped and compressed automatically.


Videos will only load once they come into view, stopping them loading every time you visit a page, keeping your load times down.


Easily select groups of images with a drag & drop reorder, all sized as required on the website for you.

Repeater items

Have more to say? Repeaters allow you to add multiple versions of the same layout of content, keeping layout consistent.

Site-wide details

Updating company information? No more searching through the entire website to update the old details, simply update it once in your DigiTheme settings.

Advanced select

Need to choose an item from a list of predefined options? DigiTheme dropdowns gives you all all the options you could want.

Simple, flexible, powerful

See DigiTheme in action with a friendly member of the team

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