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We put you at the forefront of our company, we convert your ideas into high-performing pages with eye-catching design.

Improve your company image

Website Design & Development

We believe there's a lot more to a website than it just looking good.

Increase your website performance

Website Speed & Hosting

We use advanced tools and premium hosting to reduce the loading time of all our sites.

Pages that amaze visitors

Landing Pages

Looking to get more user interaction? Landing pages are a great way to increase your lead generation.

How We Build

Client Feedback

We value your opinion, after all it's your site! We involve you as much as possible throughout the design and development stage to ensure everything is to your liking.

Speed is essential

We've all experienced a slow site, with today's technology, sites should be loading instantly. We understand this and use the latest tools to keep the site running quickly.

Custom Editor

Some page builders can be overwhelming and slow to load. We've simplified the backend of our sites to allow you as a content editor easy access to change content anywhere on the site.

Clean Code

Our sites code is written in a way that's easy to read for humans, and quick to process for machines. We don't bulk or bloat the site with uneseccary lines of code.

GDPR Regulated

Our sites will come with the neseccary GDPR Policies and extra code to ensure goverment complience.

Expert Design

We have years of experience designing and developing sites, we'll ensure a modern design that matches your companies vision.

Experts In What We Do

Take a look at some of our work below.

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News From DigiRex

Tips & tricks to keep your company safe and knowledgeable.

Website Development

We Are Now HubSpot Certified

At DigiRex, we are always trying to expand our horizons to give our clients the best options. We're now certified to work with HubSpot websites.

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404 Errors: How to make it a positive experience

404 errors happen for many different reasons, make the experience less negative with a fun & engaging error page.

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What do I need on my website?

It's your website and you're welcome to add whatever you like to, here are some things that you might want to consider adding.

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