Keep your inbox clear by keeping your website requests separate

Our custom support portal gives you the ability to make and manage changes for your company from one place.

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Gone are the days of searching through your entire inbox

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Our custom support portal stores everything, including files, in an external location away from your inbox.

We don't limit by filesize or upload quantity, we want you to send as much information as possible for the team to convert into a beautiful page.

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Why use DigiSupport?

The main purpose behind DigiSupport is to make it easier for you to manage and update your requests.

We allow your entire team to email and add comments to an existing / new ticket, allowing you to see how everything looks within the company.

DigiRex: DigiSupport secure login feature

Secure login

Your tickets are stored on an account that’s only accessible by you. You’ll be able to instantly view all your tickets and add your feedback.

DigiRex: DigiSupport view all outstanding tickets feature

View all tickets

View all the tickets that have been created by the team since day one, sorted by priority to show you where work is at.

DigiRex: DigiSupport creating a new ticket

Create tickets

Create tickets directly from the portal, with the ability to categorise and prioritise. Allowing the DigiRex team to work on your most important tickets first.

DigiRex: DigiSupport team contribution to a ticket

Team contributions

Another member of the team have the answer? Let them add a comment on your behalf directly into the ticket.

Keep your inbox clear

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