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If your website doesn't load in less than 3 seconds, you run the risk of losing leads

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As technology advances, so do the tools we use to connect to websites, they need to be loading quicker and quicker as time goes on.

As a rule of thumb, every page on your website should load in less than 3 seconds. At DigiRex, we aim for a maximum of 1 second.

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You need the right tools to get the best out of your website

All of our websites come with loads of features to make them perform at their maximum potential.

Content Delivery Network

We provide 1GB of free CDN data, once this limit is reached it will be bypassed and use the server instead. More data is available on request

Secure Socket Layer

We'll setup a free SSL for your domain, which increases your ranking in search engines such as Google and provides trust

Image Optimisation

Every image on the site will be compressed in size and converted into the new WebP format (up to 34% savings on size)

Lazy Loading

Assets on the site will not load with a page request, instead when the user scrolls down the page and the asset is visible

Code Minification

Each asset on the site will be minified, remove white-spaces and comments, reducing the overall file size. Resulting in a quicker load time

File Grouping

Instead of loading multiple files at one time, files will be merged into one. Instead of loading 10+ files, it loads one main file


The website will store files on the user's local drive, instead of downloading them from the server each time


We provide ongoing support as part of the package, if anything was to go wrong with the hosting or connection, we'll resolve it

Staging Environment

Any changes that might affect the front-end, we'll implement a staging environment to test beforehand

Daily Backups

Backups of the files and database are taken daily and can be restored anytime if needed to. We can change the frequency of backups

Server Security

The server comes with firewalls, bot protection, two-factor authentication. Stopping any potential threat from causing harm to your site

Vertical Scaling

The server can easily be adjusted to grow with you as a company. If you need more storage, or bandwidth, it can be changed within minutes

If you are looking to move your site to us, we'll perform our internal checks using the tools on a separate environment. This way we don't affect your current website and allow you to see the new improved loading times.

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Just some of our happy clients

The experience was amazing from start to finish, it’s great to have an online presence to show off my work. I would highly recommend!

Ross Jardine Wight
RJW Bakers

DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Arts1 School of Performance
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Balmer Limited
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Chef Hat Home
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: ElClan
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Heptagon UK
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: PharmAffinity
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: PuppyPaws Boutique
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Smart Office Services
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: RJW Bakers

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