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Why settle for off-the-shelf systems with limitations when you can have a custom solution tailored to your exact needs? Say goodbye to the fallbacks of generic solutions and unlock the full potential of your business with our customised solutions.

Whatever your requirements, required process or purpose, we can build it

DigiRex: Bespoke CRM Systems

No matter the size of your project, the amount of customers you have or the amount of data you need. Our scaling systems will suit your needs, and grow with you.

Not sure if you need a Bespoke CRM? Have a chat with us, we'd love to learn about what you're looking to create and how we can help.

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What would I use a bespoke system for?

The main reason we offer bespoke system is to make the process in-house easier for you and the team, it will speed up processes and work exactly how you need it to.

DigiRex: DigiRex Work: Milton Keynes Play Association New Website Events Module

Here's some ideas to get you thinking:

Whatever you need, the system will be built to cater and perform the requirements.

  • Store advanced customer data
  • Customer VIP area
  • Link API's to your website
  • Create reports for your company's performance
  • Calendar for your entire team

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Just some of our happy clients

We didn't have anything online for potential customers to find out more information about us, so we came to DigiRex to help us with our website and brand

Hala El Henawy
Heptagon UK

DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Arts1 School of Performance
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Balmer Limited
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Chef Hat Home
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: ElClan
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Heptagon UK
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: PharmAffinity
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: PuppyPaws Boutique
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: Smart Office Services
DigiRex: DigiRex Client: RJW Bakers

Our latest works

Bespoke system

A brand new community forum for the pharmaceutical industry

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Military based fitness bootcamps

Brochure website

Streaming school theatre productions

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