We’ve heard cases in the past, where a client is wanting to move their website to a new digital agency, due to their own individual reasons. In the legal documentation that both parties signed, there was a clause of a £10,000 release fee to move the website to another agency, without this release fee the site couldn’t be moved away.

This resulted in the client having to purchase an entire new website, including a fresh redesign to move away from the company.

How to avoid hidden fees

Now that you’re aware of potential extra fees, let’s discuss the ways we can avoid these and keep your company’s investment a solid one. Below are some tips & tricks to look out for when singing up to a new agency.

Thoroughly read through the Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are the be-all and end-all when it comes to customer disputes, it’s the legally binding document that summarises what you’ll get. If it’s in the T&C’s, then it can be very hard to get out of it.

We are fully aware how reading T&C’s isn’t the most exciting of tasks, but it’s an absolute must. When it comes to T&C’s, you really don’t want to miss anything, once it’s signed, it’s hard to unbind the contract.

If something doesn’t make sense in the document, don’t be scared to ask the company. After all, they want your business, and will want to help in any way they can.

Check the companies reviews

If clients of a company have had a bad experience, or something they disliked, you’ll likely be able to read about it in a review. Nobody likes bad press, many companies will go the extra mile to avoid a bad review, so if there are bad reviews for a company, you’ll know that it was very justified for the client.

There are many public review sites, with more being developed over time. If you can’t find the company on that review site, they might be on another.

Here are some example review sites:

DigiRex Blog: You've paid for your website so you own it, right?

How DigiRex licenses

At DigiRex, we fully believe that the site is your own. We work with you directly and involve you as much as possible to create a design that you’ll love and develop the site in a way that’s easy to use for you.

If the day came where you’d look to move away, we’d be incredibly sad but respect your wishes . We’d send over the files to your new location without any drama or clauses, after all, it’s your website that you’ve paid for. If needed, we’d provide further assistance to help you get your site setup externally.

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